As you may know, Tyga is one of my most favorite rap artists. And his new mixtape I have been oh so patiently waiting for is here!!

What started off as what Lil Wayne thought to be a , “stand in” for a upcomming performance at the 2007 MTV music awards, turned into a full-time career.  Tyga’s cousin Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes got him into the rap game initially, but it was up to him to create an image.  With the help of Wayne, he signed to young money records shortly after his performance and his career shot up from there.  He worked on an album called “no introduction”, but it did not do as well as planned, only selling a few thousand copies.  But that didn’t stop him; after being featured in “far away” and releasing his single “Rack city” he became a hit.  He is now touring around the U.S and is planning on expanding to the UK in the near future.

I’ll upload some links to my favorite tracks off the new mixtape tomorrow! (Even though lets face it, it will probably be all of them.)